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The vast expanses that separate the stars are not empty as astronomers have long thought. The interstellar medium is the space between stars and is populated by large amounts of cosmic gas and dust, which make up about 10 percent of the total mass of a galaxy. This is how interstellar space sounds … It comes from the North American tradition the conception that space has no matter and therefore, a wave like sound would not have a medium to be transmitted. However, a few years ago NASA scientists declared that the Voyager 1 zone, which has been traveling through space since 1977 with a Golden Disc inside with recordings in more than fifty languages, became the first human-made object to venture to interstellar space.

This is how interstellar space sounds and this is how Interstellar Seville will sound. From this explosion of art in all its expressions the festival is born. And there is no better place to celebrate it than the Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art, which celebrates its 25 years on the banks of the Guadalquivir. And because? Because it includes a long historical, artistic and cultural trajectory that the festival will soak up in all its aspects. Interstellar Seville is not only music, it is much more.

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May 24 and 25


2 days


CAAC La Cartuja, Sevilla


47,000 people

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