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PortAmérica is the first festival born in Spain with the aim of generating synergies and common projects on both sides of the Atlantic.

It starts from music as an element of connection between cultures and combines 3 unique elements such as culture, gastronomy (more than 30 international chefs with Michelin Stars and Repsol Suns in 2018) and leisure through a poster of artists that reflects the The spirit of the festival faithfully: the convergence of the Europe-America connection also from the cultural point of view.

Created in 2012 by EsmerArte, a Galician agency for artistic promotion and cultural management with 20 years of experience in the sector, it is an innovative cultural proposal that transcends the musical.

Fest 2015, 2017 and 2018 Award for the best gastronomic area

Fest 2018 Award for the best communication campaign

Fest 2018 Award for the best brand activation: Repsol + DS Automobiles

Iberian Festival Award 2017 for the best brand activation: Ron Barceló

Target18 - 55 years. 55% Women 45% Men. 75% Province of Galicia.

Media impactImpact on media: 1.37 million euros. Economic impact: 1.85 million euros.

SponsorsEstrella Galicia, Ron Barceló, Montiño, DS Automóviles, Repsol, Coca-Cola, GADIS, Chef Partner, Pundación Paideia.

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July 1 - 3. 2021


3 days


Caldas de Reis, Pontevedra


21,000 people

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