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Elipsis Capital produces and finances feature films and episodic entertainment around the world, providing production loans collateralized by tax credits, pre-sales or estimates. Elipsis Capital is widely recognized as the leading player in the financing and monetization of Spanish tax incentives. We work for both foreign and local productions and with all the different national and regional tax rebate and transferable tax credit programs.

ODB: Wu Tang Forever

Series, 2022, EE.UU.

Stay Safe

Feature Film, 2022, EE.UU.


Feature Film, 2022, Spain - Ireland - France


Series, 2021, Spain

Las Cintas del GAL

Series, 2021, Spain


Series, 2021, Spain

El lodo

Feature Film, 2021, Spain


Feature Film, 2021, EE.UU. - Spain

Across the river and into the trees

Feature Film, 2020, Spain

La Dona Il.legal

Feature Film, 2020, Spain

Loco por ella

Feature Film, 2020, Spain


Series, 2020, Spain

Finding Steve McQueen

Feature Film, 2019, Spain - EE.UU.


Feature Film, 2018, Spain - EE.UU.

Trading Paint

Feature Film, 2018, Spain - EE.UU.

The Hunter´s Prayer

Feature Film, 2017, Spain - EE.UU. - Germany

Contigo no, bicho

Feature Film, 2017, Spain.

The Man Who Killed Don Quixote

Feature Film, 2017, Spain

Black Butterfly

Feature Film, 2017, Spain - EE.UU. - Italy

Cuando dejes de quererme

Feature Film, 2017, Spain - Argentina

La noche de 12 años

Feature Film, 2017, Spain

Smoke & Mirrors

Feature Film, 2016, Spain


Feature Film, 2016, Spain - Chile - France - Argentina - USA

No culpes al karma de lo que te pasa por gilipollas

Feature Film, 2016, Spain

The Secret In Their Eyes

Feature Film, 2015, Spain

All Roads Lead to Rome

Feature Film, 2015, Spain - Italy - EE.UU. - UK - Sweden

Cien Años de Perdón

Feature Film, 2015, Spain - Argentina - France

La Corona Partida

Feature Film, 2015, Spain

Mortadelo y Filemón contra Jimmy el Cachondo

Feature Film, 2014, Spain


Feature Film, 2014, Spain - EE.UU. - Hungary - France

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