El Mago Pop Nada es Imposible
Music Tour 2022 Spain

The highest grossing European illusionist in the world (according to Forbes magazine). Its power of seduction leaves young and old speechless.

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Feature Film 2022 Spain - Ireland - France

Written by William Monahan (Oscar winner - The Departed) and Neil Jordan (Oscar winner - The Crying Game, Interview with The Vampire), who is set to direct, MARLOWE, based on the novel The Black Eyed Blonde.

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ODB: Wu Tang Forever
Series 2022 EE.UU.

This is the controversial documentary series based on the life and legacy of one of the founding members of the Wu-Tang Clan, Ol’ Dirty Bastard (ODB).

Las Cintas del GAL
Series 2021 Spain

4 chapters documentary serie that narrates from the beginning of the activity of the GAL in 1983, until the consequences in our days. The original tapes of Amedo and Domínguez are used as a guiding thread.

La Naumon – La fura dels Baus
Theather show 2021 Spain

La Naumon is a cargo ship turned theater and exhibition-center whose purpose is to “turn the world around”, stirring consciences and triggering sustainability’s initiatives through emotion (art), reason (knowledge), debate and innovation in all the city-ports she visits.

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Series 2021 Spain

We get to know in depth 10 artists from the world of music through an acoustic concert and their own experiences.

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Las Noches del Malecón
Music Festival 2022 Spain

A concerts series born in Murcia in 2019 with the intention of becoming a reference event not only in Murcia but everywhere in Spain.

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El lodo
Feature Film 2021 Spain

Thriller starring by Raúl Arévalo and Paz Vega and directed by Iñaki Sánchez set in a hostile small rural community, where antiquated traditions clash with modern-day sensibilities.

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Billy Elliot
Musical show 2022 Spain

One of the most exciting shows in the world that repeats in Spain the success achieved after eleven years in London and four on Broadway. It is about the story of young Billy that will fight to achieve his dream of being a dancer.

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Film Symphony Orchestra
Musical show 2022 Spain

The Film Symphony Orchestra is the first private symphony orchestra dedicated to the soundtracks of your favorite films. With more than 70 musicians, its award-winning director Constantino Martínez Orts offers exclusively film music concerts.

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Festival Jardines de Pedralbes
Music Festival 2022 Spain

It was born from a passion for music and for Barcelona and in 2022 it will celebrate its 10th edition. It will be held in an open place, outdoors, in contact with nature and history. The festival has grown to become a reference in Europe.

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San San Festival
Music Festival 2021

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